Faith Community Health Clinic, 909 S Darling Street, Angola, IN 46703US

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Faith Community Health Clinic

Faith Community health clinic serves:

Faith Community health clinic serves:

Faith Community health clinic serves: Faith Community health clinic serves:



Details Of Our Free Medical, Perscriptions and Dental Services

 Healthcare is provided by physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses. Some basic lab tests can be performed. Some referrals may include further lab testing, x-rays, dental care, surgery, physical therapy, gynecology, eye care, and mental health. 

Assistance is provided to help patients get prescriptions at a lower cost or to enroll in a yearly Medication Assistance Program if you meet the income requirements.

Possibly help with some dental services. You need to
be seen by one of the physicians in the clinic to be referred. 

Our Medicine Assistance Program (MAP):

 Some medications may be available through a medication assistance program with some drug companies.  A volunteer at the clinic can help you enroll in this program if you qualify and if your medication is available.  Medications might include diabetic medications, medications for depression and anxiety, some mental health medications and possibly others. 

Insurance Information

 Do you need help with insurance?  Please make an appointment with Deb Brown at 213 A North Martha Street in Angola.  Call 1-800-589-3506 ext. 253 or email 


Qualifications For Free Healthcare

 Do you qualify for Free Healthcare??

See the Federal Poverty Guidelines   

income at 200% 

 MISSION STATEMENT In Response to God’s plan to care for one another, it is the mission of Faith Community Health Clinic, Inc. to provide healthcare to Steuben County residents who are in need. We strive to bring together resources from the entire community, in order to minister to the whole person in a loving and compassionate manner